Thanks for visiting!  Here’s a bit about me.

I live in Hoover, Alabama.

I’m husband to an awesome wife.  I’m dad to a couple great people–a daughter and a son.

I’ve worked in technology since 1995  in nearly every type of IT related job there is.  I’m currently CTO for a financial institution.

As a musician, I’ve recorded 4 albums and played in churches and venues promoting them.  We won several awards.

For 6 years I served on the City Council of Hoover, Alabama.  I was recently elected as a State Representative for District 47 in the Alabama State House of Representatives.  I’m proud to do these jobs and thankful to the voters for letting me represent them.

Most importantly, I’m a believer in–and follower of–Jesus Christ.

All opinions are my own.  I decided to return to old school style blogging because I think it’s better than the social media toxicity in which we currently exist.